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02-17-2013, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike Jones View Post
It's how rebuilding teams work and redevelop effectively (If you need an example check out the Oilers - Noodge played 28 games before scoring a goal). The problem with the Flames is that they don't realize or want to accept that they are cycling down into rebuilding territory (They may have actually arrived and been there for a while but that's another thread). For whatever blinkered reason they still think they can win and make the playoffs and this cannot be the case with the current cast of characters. They're great guys and do a lot for the community but they are not a playoff team.

Back to the main topic, two things should have happened with Irving: 1) He should have played more in Abbotsford during the lockout. And 2) He should have been given at least one more game in his current audition - if only to show the coaches how he could come back after the St. Louis stinker.

And hopefully guys like Feaster have instructed Ward to play Irving in the A. If you're going to send your main goalie prospect to the minors then at least play him there. Brust got bombed for 7 goals last night so what have they got to lose?
You're going to tell me the team we had last year is better then the team we have this year? If they finished 9th last year I don't understand how you can write them off this early in the season. They very well can be a playoff team, you forget to realize that we are missing our starting goaltender, and 2 very important young forwards for this team. We may not have a good record and are at the bottom of the standings, but its still too early to write them off. All they need is a little winning streak and their back in the hunt.

Can you blame them for trying another goalie? Its obvious MacDonald will not just be given the starting position, we could very well see Taylor steal the show. My point is they are not looking to rebuild, so having Irving in there just to "develop" does not make sense. They are exploring their goaltending options and whoever does best will get the job. Why shouldn't MacDonald or Taylor get a shot? Irving's been alright but has not done enough, so Feaster wants to see what the others can do. If you think that Irving's confidence will get shattered, well then thats his own fault. When the Flames released St.Louis early in his career did he hang up the skates? or did he take it as motivation? 4 years later he won the Hart trophy, so you can feel bad for Irving all you want, but its his job to keep working and prove everyone wrong.

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