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Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
As much as it pains me to say it, I can't see the US as being much more than anything other than what Switzerland is now.

The US actually saw a significant decrease of players following World War II. From around 10 % or so in the 1930s to less than 2% by 1950. That number held almost exactly the same right through 1970, right around 2%. It breached 10% by 1980 and grew steadily, topping 20% in 2008.

Now quantity doesn't always equal quality, but in this case I think it is a fair to question just how good a US team could do with only 2% of it's players considered good enough to compete in the NHL during the fifties and sixties.
I'm not saying that USA would be a big threat to Canada, as the talent gap was colossal. Just during Brimsek's prime, so basically the 48 Olympics (due to cancellations in 1940 and 1944) would be an opportunity for the USA to win if Brimsek gave a historically great performance. It would be like the Canada of today taking on Switzerland, with Lundqvist in net for Switzerland.

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