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02-17-2013, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike Jones View Post
It's not hard - it's the quarter mark and the signs and trends are there. They are still capable of sparks and fire power and the odd surprise win but they are facing an extremely difficult uphill climb. One thing that could have saved the season is the discovery of a goalie who could steal wins but Irving is obviously not there (YET) and I hardly think Taylor or MacDonald are going to do any better.

This is why they can afford to give Irving at least one or two more games to get himself back on track.

What are the options? How many teams find their saviours off the waiver wire?
Nobody likes to be placed on waivers. Being picked up from another team is kind of a second chance to stay in the NHL before being demoted to the AHL. That has to be some motivation to MacDonald. Im not saying its a lock that he'll do good but we might as well give him a chance. Irving got a 5 game try-out to show what he's worth, I don't think he disapointed.. But now they want to give MacDonald a couple games. If Irving turned out to have been better you can bet that he'll be back.

I know this team doesn't look like a playoff team, but im just giving you the mentality that management has. Before the season started we all thought they we're a playoff team, and now after a slow start and a couple injuries we're all ready to blow up the team. Personally I think Feaster is open to the option of rebuilding should we not be in the playoffs come trade deadline, but until then you can count on him trying to mix things up to find a way to string some W's. We saw Jones on waivers, and now we have the goalie change. We can't all rise against management over this, we're missing our starting goalie so they have chosen to experiment on a few goalies rather than simply ride Irving.

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