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Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
I'm not saying Gallagher wasn't playing the best on the line (he got a couple great passes from DD too though), but DD was flying out there. I was also just proving that points don't prove everything, especially with a team struggling to score. Bourque has been our best overall player and he's just started getting some points. DD's game has been on a upturn for the past week or more now. He's been better than Pacioretty and Cole during those weeks.

DD doesn't need big wingers, he just needs carefree wingers. Wingers that will drive the net, so he can have more time with the puck. DD goes to the net a lot too, which helps for after dishes off the puck.

And the C is generally one of the last forwards into the zone since they usually tend to go lower in the defensive zone than the wingers.
Before last night....the most productive wingers on the team were:

1- Bourque : 8 pts
2- Pacioretty: 6 pts (in 9 games)
3- Gallagher : 6 pts (in 12 games)
4- Gionta : 6 pts (in 13 games)

Technically speaking, Gally was the 3 best wingers on the team, playing with Chucky.
So, my assumption that the best wingers was given AGAIN to DD was right.

And it start to pissed me off.

They've put Pacioretty-Chucky-Gally together but played them like 11 minutes a game. Then put DD in place of Chucky and give them 18 minutes.

Why Therrien is doing everything he can to help DD....and nobody else?

Eller played well, he put him back on the fourth line.

Galchenyuk played well...but didn't get more ice time, worst, we took his best wingers to replace him with the worst one on the team (Cole)....and give Gally to help DD.

For like 5-6 games....DD got major PP time, he is the one forward that is getting more PP time (even if the Plekanec's line was the bread and butter of our PP...DD got the majority of PP time in the last 5 to 7 games.....well, since our PP doesn't work). Last night, he got 4m08 of PP time, Plekanec only got 2m22.

DD has been playing really well in the last 2 games. I can see that.

But i've seen Eller playing really wel for 4-5 games and getting nothing more than the Fourth Line and hard ice-time (a little bit of PP time).

I've seen Galchenyuk playing really well and getting nothing more than what he first got, help scored the winning goal in OT against Florida....and got 10m25 of ice-time and Erik Cole for his good work.

Plekanec has been our best forward, best forward on the powerplay.....but he saw his PP time reduce (DD got more ice-time than Plekanec last night).

So we took the best wingers of Galchy to give him to DD
We took ice-time and PP time of Plek and Galchy to give it to DD
We didn't reward Eller's effort, so DD wouldn't drop to fourth line.

Soooooo, what did DD do to diserve all of this so far????

Yeah, he played well in the last 2 games.....cause we gave him everything the other players diserve, not him!!

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