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02-17-2013, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
Typical post of someone who's more concerned about a player he hates having success than the overall success of the team.

The only questions you should ask yourself are :

1- Is DD playing well? Yes.

2- Has the combination of Gallagher-DD-Pacioretty worked well? Yes. Might be the most explosive line we've seen this year.

3- Is the team winning? Yes. 3 in a row.

A normal fan would be happy to see this all. But hey, let's scrap this all just to satisfy your own anti-DD bias because according to you it's more important to put DD in a situation where he cannot produce than to focus on the team success...
DD is playing is the Habs.

But putting Cole with Galchenyuk is practically an insult to one our best players so far. He is responsable for our last win. And for his work, let's take out some of his ice-time, let's give him one of our worst player ????

Is that normal to you?

Even worst....forget about DD.

Gallagher was our best player last night. Still....Cole got more than 4 minutes in PP time and Gally only got 1m30

Is that normal to you?

We, as fan, are happy......but some players might not be as happy with this situation.
Cause they worked well so far and things has been taken from them and given to some players wwho didn't diserve it as much as they do!!

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