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02-17-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by IslandersFan17 View Post
If ROR was the "potential" that some are mentioning around here I could see the Avs doing what it takes to resign the kid. Penny pinching or not you do not allow that caliber player to leave.

That being said, the kid is no anywhere near the price people are willing to give up.

Nelson? Are you kidding me, the kid has looked really stout on EVERY LEVEL and is going to be one heck of a playmaker for the Islanders.

1st rounder- Despite the Islanders recent success, they are not a playoff caliber team and will most likely be picking around top ten. The talent in this class is way to deep to mortgage on a SELFISH KID.

Okposo- I would be fine moving Kyle at this juncture, however, Okposo would be my focal point to the deal not just a piece.

Thus, my final offer would be Okposo, Ness, next years second rounder.
selfish? give me a break. it is so easy for regular working class folks to label professional sports players as selfish when they are merely trying to get the going rate for what they bring to a club. selfish? haha! you sound like some right wing media outlet talking about how factory workers get paid too much money for doing too little work (despite the fact that the corporation that employs them makes billions). selfish? that is a tired, old song and dance of a buzz word repeated by robots who can't express their own ideas. so what do they do? they grab on to what other robots have repeated. lame.

and your final offer does absolutely nothing for the avs. okposo is a decent piece but ness is not an nhl player, nor will he ever be a regular in the bigs, in my opinion. a second rounder means little to them as well.

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