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02-17-2013, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Flames92 View Post
While I believe Irving has not been that bad in the games he's played, I think some of you are a little to biased on him. Bottom line, Irving has not done enough to secure his starting job. Many of you are looking at all the great saves he's made and forget to realize the squeakers he let in almost every game. Those are the ones that NHL experience will help, and Irving simply doesn't have that. They gave him a shot to see what he can do, maybe they we're expecting to much from him but they have no choice. Clearly, the team is pushing for the playoffs so their goal is to win, and if Irving doesn't go beyond what his expectations are then someone else is gona get the shot. This in no way means that their dumping Irving and MacDonald is the official starter. If MacDonald struggles he will lose his spot as well. The reason they brought down Irving is first of all, he doesn't have to clear waivers, and they want to see what Taylor can do.

Don't get me wrong, I think Irving has done a good job based on what was expected of him, but it is clear that management wants more, is that too much to ask? Maybe, but if they don't get it they will give someone else a chance who MIGHT just give it to them and if they don't do any better we could very well see Irving back in nets. I no many of you think Irving has potential and I do as well, but you need to understand that the organization is not focused on developing their young players (or else we wouldn't of seen Sven on the 4th line, and yes I know it was just one game so don't jump me).. They are trying to put the best team possible, and just like Hartley does with the defense in trying to make it competitive, he's doing the same with the goalies.
Excellent post. Agree 100%

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