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02-17-2013, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Sens1Canes2 View Post
Disagree. Chicago won the Cup with a rookie goaltender, Niemi, then had no problem letting him go in the offseason. The fans understood that Niemi played well but was by no means a guy you HAD to hitch your wagon to going forward.

Same as in Boston. Thomas was still a solid goalie, a guy who won the Cup the year before, but again the team and fans had no problem with Raask taking over.

I find Ward's reputation in the eyes of Canes fans to be one of extremes. Either you cannot speak one bad word about him, or he's an overrated bum still riding his Cup coattails.

The truth, as per usual, lies somewhere in the middle. Cam Ward, IMO, plays behind a below-average defense and faces an inordinate number of shots compared to most elite goaltenders. He does let in a few more "soft" goals than other great goalies, so I must place him in a category below the best (Rinne, Lundquist, etc.). However, he's in that "next" category...which, considering there's 30 starting goalies in the league, is pretty darn good.
Other teams can afford to not have a great goalie or should I say, a mainstay at the position because they pay for everything else (The Bruins) or don't worry about shutting teams down when they can outscore them (the Blackhawks )

Not to mention, they had guys that were competent enough to take over... The Canes have not had another goalie in the system that could take over for Cam for the next 5 years.

I'm not even defending Cam really, he's not a top 5 regular season goalie but our situation is different then most.

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