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12-18-2003, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by hemskyfan
Are you here just to get a reaction? Wide-open run-and-gun FAST hockey is Oiler's hockey. By making such a huge deal out of it, you're making yourself look, well, kinda jealous I'm sorry to say. Just like the CP'ers that linked this thread to their site about two nanoseconds after this thread was made. If you want Oiler news right away, that trashy sad excuse for a hockey site is where you want to go.

And yes the Oilers do trap when we have a lead, sometimes. We'd be foolish to say the Oilers didn't.

The fact remains that when someone, it doesn't matter what team they cheer for, is asked "What team is most exciting to watch?", I guarantee you that most of them will answer "Edmonton Oilers". Even the Bruins fans here wish they played Edmonton more often because the Oiler's are so exciting, sorry you can't accept that.
The Aves and Canucks are exciting to watch. They play a wide open game and have talent to do it. The Oilers are not at that level. They have the Pisanis or Horcoffs driving to the net and crashing(almost) goalies. Hardly exciting game. Hemsky has some nices moves, but he only shows them on the PP. Your star player Smyth scores most goals from the blue ice. I am sorry, but the Oilers are far from entertaining.

And please stop with the jealousy. Check out the standings and tell me what I should be jealous of. I am nearly making an observation that the Oilers are not "all that" in the sense of entertainment. The Flames play a very aggressive style with lots of turnovers, hits etc. They have more speed than the Oilers and have an enforcer that fights all the time. They also are 6 over .500 right now so really, I think I am quite entertained thank you very much. The Flames are not a boring team to watch and this year they are a lot more fun than the lifeless Oilers.

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