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Originally Posted by IslandersFan17 View Post
Nino, a top five pick, whom is doing really well in his first year of AHL play. Regardless of that hiccup of wanting to be traded... AT LEAST THE KID IS NOT HOLDING OUT TO GET HIS WAY.

Nino is two years younger and absolutely has the higher ceiling. I would even rate Nino as one of the better LW PROSPECTS in the league to date.
you LOVE CAPS LOCK...COOL!!! you especially love using caps when YOUR POINT IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!! first you screamed he was selfish and now you are screaming that he is holding out. WRONG AGAIN!!! alexei yashin was a holdout once. he had a contract and didn't report for work. that is a holdout. ryan o'reilly isn't holding out. HE DOESN'T HAVE A CONTRACT TO HOLD OUT FROM!!! but since you, along with other robots who like to slander, heard this on the news or read it in a newspaper, then i'm sure your terminology is correct.

and at least you hit the caps lock at the RIGHT MOMENT WHEN CALLING THE SWISS MISS A PROSPECT!!! that's exactly what he is. ryan o'reilly has shown the ability to score 55 points in the nhl WHILE SHUTTING DOWN OPPOSITION TOP LINES!!! so go ahead and talk ceilings and prospects and futures all you like...i'll take reality. and the reality is that RYAN O'REILLY is a special player who contributes POINTS AND AND ALL AROUND GAME TO GO WITH IT!!!

p.s. niederreiter whining like a ***** about how he wants something he hasn't deserved is a "hiccup," in your opinion while o'reilly withholding his services in order to get money that does deserve makes him a scum bag. THAT IS RICH!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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