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12-18-2003, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by CupBound
The Oilers play the trap when they have a lead. All teams do actually and you are in danial if you don't believe that.

And what is Oilers Hockey again? Please answer or admit that you're clueless about different styles of play and are just buying in to Edmonton Media hype and think that Oilers invented scoring goals.
Yes, I think the Oilers invented scoring goals.

No team in the NHL before 1979 ever scored a goal. They used to crown Stanley Cup champions based on a complex dice system whereby you are required to fill a sheet of paper getting multiple combinations of 1-6's. Goals were an unheard of event before Wayne Gretzky scored the first NHL goal.

In fact, it was such an unexpected event, that the Montreal forum was set on fire (most think it was because Richard was suspended, but us Oiler fans know the real truth). That first goal set off a chain of events that took nearly 15 years for the NHL to control.

Enough with responding to your nonsense, I will answer your question.

Oilers hockey first and foremost is about speed. Both in puck movement and player movement. Both offensively and defensively. Offensively, attacking the zone with speed not only from the puck carrier, but from the players without the puck as well. This also involves risk from the point, as the defence is contiually used to jump into the play for a scoring chance.

Defensively is the main aspect. Instead of constantly waiting back in the neutral zone, the idea is to constantly attack the puck carrier. The idea is to try and create a turnover in order to counter attack right away.

The main difference, is that for the most part, the trap involves a lot of interference on the non-puck carriers. Watch any of the trapping teams, and you will continually see players who are attempting to gain the zone met up by a forward or defensemen who's only goal is to slow you down. Oilers hockey uses the philosophy that in order to get space, you need to give up space. Instead of interferring on the guy trying to get to the puck, get open for a pass.

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