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Originally Posted by Slick Cat View Post
This is not a goaltending problem, goals against averages and save percentages are very misleading. Just take yesterday's game. Three goals were WIDE OPEN tampa players in front of the net, cashing in on a quick pass or rebound. In some cases, several panthers are watching. Skille did this on two of the goals himself, waaay to late to cover and letting his guy free. One goal was on a third rebound, how may of these types of shots do we expect Theo to stop. While Clemmer has not been great, other than a couple of goals all season, Theo has been excellent thus far, and every goalie gives up a soft one once in a while. Our defense is terrible. Garrison to Kuba is about a big a downgrade as you can have. Not sure what Tallon was thinking. Campbell is a shell of himself defensively, can't even catch up to other players and soft on the puck, looks lazy. Only a small handful of players look alive out there. If the phone call reference is Luongo, he IS NOT the answer. He would bring more problems than solutions and forget about spending on quality players with his contract tying things up. If anything, get rid of Clemm and bring up Markstrom.
Agree that this is a team problem. From the top down. A lot of this is on Dineen for not getting his players to commit to basic defensive structure. They leave people open all the time. Theo and Clemmer have no chance on a lot of goals. Until the coaching staff and the players figure out a way to play team defense we're going to be losing a lot of games.

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