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Originally Posted by Calculon View Post
He was designated the 3rd stringer before the AHL season in even started. He lost his starter's job last season only after being shuttled back and forth between the NHL and the AHL - before that, he was easily the best goalie on the Heat. Do prospects need to earn their position? Yes. At the same, they need to be given the opportunity to earn that position. The Flames and seemingly a lot of fans here, don't understand that.

Again, has Hudlinator illustrated, there's a very clear fallacy with the Flames mentality (both with the fans and management) when it comes to developing prospects but also winning. Contrary to what the Flames believe, you can do both at the same time. Well, at least you can if your organization isn't run by inept stooges who can't let their ego get out of the way. Look at New Jersey; they're trying to win but they're not afraid to give their prospects actual opportunities in the NHL to see what they can do. Look at the role Henrique played for them in his rookie season. Look at what Kreider did for the NYR last post-season. Every team has cases like these. Well, except the Flames. I wonder why?

The reality is, there isn't a team in the NHL as bad the Flames when it comes to drafting and developing prospects and there's a reason for that - this organization doesn't understand the development process at all and refuses to even try to. It's not a coincidence or just poor luck that the Flames seem to have so many first 'busts,' it's a self-inflicting cycle of misery as the organization refuses to adapt to the reality of good development.
I don't think we can blame the busts that we had in the past on the new management. The Flames do have a history with developing their prospects very poorly, but with only two seasons under his belt, we can't already suggest that Feaster is bad at developing prospects. Looking at the Irving case, it is obvious that they we're never big on him. I don't know exactly what they are thinking, but it seems like they don't see a future with Irving in this organization. Guys like Ramo, Gillies, and Broissoit are the goalie's of the future in their eyes.

As for giving prospects a chance, I am all for it. But right now if this team doesn't win games, the season is over for the Flames, and MacDonald i guess is more "reliable" because of his NHL experience. Developing a goalie is probably the hardest thing for an organization, and given that they want to both win and develop prospects, its hard to depend on a rookie goalie to bring you to the playoffs.

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