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12-18-2003, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by CupBound
The Aves and Canucks are exciting to watch. They play a wide open game and have talent to do it. The Oilers are not at that level. They have the Pisanis or Horcoffs driving to the net and crashing(almost) goalies. Hardly exciting game. Hemsky has some nices moves, but he only shows them on the PP. Your star player Smyth scores most goals from the blue ice. I am sorry, but the Oilers are far from entertaining.

And please stop with the jealousy. Check out the standings and tell me what I should be jealous of. I am nearly making an observation that the Oilers are not "all that" in the sense of entertainment. The Flames play a very aggressive style with lots of turnovers, hits etc. They have more speed than the Oilers and have an enforcer that fights all the time. They also are 6 over .500 right now so really, I think I am quite entertained thank you very much. The Flames are not a boring team to watch and this year they are a lot more fun than the lifeless Oilers.
So were the Flames more exciting to watch over the past 7 years than the Oilers?

I love Flames fans, I really do. The second they are ahead of the Oilers at any point, they crawl out of their holes in an attempt to pound their chests much like the gorillas they recently evolved from.

But when the tides turn (which it inevitibly does), Flames fans crawl back into their hole, then whine and moan that Oiler fans always rub it into their face that the Oilers are once again ahead in the standings. It happened already this year... the Flames won twice against the Oilers, and Flame fans were out in full force... then the Oilers got hot and Calgary couldn't score, and they disappeared.

Please be reasonable. At least wait until the end of the season before you start. At least wait until the Flames have proven over an 82 game schedule that they are better than the Oilers.

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