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02-17-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
There was a bunch of comments in the Weiss thread about Kuli and Guds but I don't think we should talk about them there and instead talk about them here. So my comments are related to how developed Kuli is and it relates to what I believe Tallon (or maybe it was Denis Potvin a few yrs ago) that said d-men are pretty much developed when they have played 300 games. Age really doesn't matter with d-men so let's not use that to judge a guy. Right now Kuli has played about 210 games so he has basically the rest of this yr and half of next yr to finish developing. By then, what you see is what you get and unless Kuli takes a huge leap next yr, I don't see a guy that is a true top pairing d-man.
I'm not sure about Potvin but I definitely know Tallon has stated this. And ever since I heard him say that, I've always kept that in my head as a measuring stick for defensemen. So yeah, Kuli still has about 90 games to reach that point.

The only reason Kuli's name comes up in trade talks is because he's a nice trade chip that could bring something of significance back. All the fantasy trades that involve Clem, Kuba, Jovo, etc. won't happen because no one wants them. And at this point, I'd rather trade Weiss than Kuli.


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