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02-17-2013, 01:49 PM
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I posted this last night....

I'm not going to go running to the main board with this but when is Hall going to start getting the credit he deserves? I've been a big supporter of Hall on the main board and have been sucked into more Hall/Seguin arguments then I'd like to admit but come on...

Last 82 games
Hall- 35 goals(0.427) and 75 points(0.915)
Seguin- 27 goals(0.329) and 63 points(0.768)

Last 60 games
Hall- 27 goals(0.450) and 58 points(0.967)
Seguin- 17 goals(0.283) and 43 points(0.717)

Last 40 games
Hall- 16 goals(0.400) and 38 points(0.950)
Seguin- 11 goals(0.275) and 30 points(0.750)

This Season
Hall: 14 games- 3 goals(0.215) and 15 points(1.071)
Seguin: 12 games- 2 goals(0.167) and 7 points(0.583)

To break down this season's stats further.

Total Goals: 3
ES Goals: 3
PP Goals: 0
EN Goals: 0
Total Assists: 12
Primary Assists: 8
Secondary Assists: 4
Hits: 5
Blocked Shots: 7
Giveaways: 10
Takeaways: 9

Total Goals: 2
ES Goals: 1
PP Goals: 1
EN Goals: 1
Total Assists: 5
Primary Assists: 1
Secondary Assists: 4
Hits: 9
Blocked Shots: 1
Giveaways: 10
Takeaways: 6

When does this generic idea of higher hockey IQ, better overall play(debatable) and being a center(doesn't play center) get over shadowed by actual results? I mean, Seguin has 7 points this season and 5 of them are either secondary assists or an empty net goal.

Hall is getting the better results and has been much more consistent. Also, do you think it's a coincidence that Seguin's goal totals significantly drop off when comparing the last 82 games to the last 60 games? No. Taking out those 22 games eliminates Seguin's 10 goals in 9 games hot streak. Something that was completely out of the norm, never even remotely close to being duplicated and greatly inflates his stats.

On the average night you can expect Hall to play like a 35 goal/75 point player while Seguin is more of a 25 goal/60 point player.

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