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07-11-2006, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
You could be right, but one of the reasons I said "2-3 years away" is that:

1- he's young and still immature, you don't wanna burn him

2- the more he develops in the minor leagues the better it will be for him in the future since: A. Power forwards take a long time to develop and can easily be burned if rushed too early and B. Can Montreal fans stomach 20-30 pts a season from him longer than they did with Leclair until he exploded?

To me he got a great pre-season last year and that was it. Since he's from Quebec people made him into something that he is not yet. It's a dangerous thing with a young guy like him, esp. a power forward. I am sure he can play in the NHL but i think he needs more maturing and experience in the AHL first. He needs to learn to play with men and what it is to be a professional, both personally and on the ice.

I really can't remember any power forward who has had a big impact in his first few seasons.. Gary Roberts maybe? I see people like Bertuzzi, Jokinen, Cole, etc.. they all take 4-5-6 years to really reach their potential. This guy is only 18-19..gotta be careful
1- Of course he will be more mature in 2-3 years, but would he more mature in 2-3 years having played in the NHL? I see so much of Simon Gagné/Bergeron in Lats, hes premature on many things.

2- Actually Power forwards developt far better in the NHL(probably the only kind of player), than in any minor league, because their game is about hitting and being physical. Playing in the NHL show them just how much they need of that physical elements at the highest level and then they can focus on other parts of their game. Very talented and not physical prospect(A.Kostitsyn for example) need to progressively become tougher and stronger(CHL-->AHL-->NHL], but in the case of a power forward thats what he welcomes so its not something thats missing in the first place. You dont get better at skating more in the minor leagues. Dont get me wrong, they are long to developt after they make the NHL jump, but the more time you waste before you make them play in the NHL it wont change that learning curve much, so you better bring them earlier.

Beside my point is that Lats have 0 competition with the habs, 0 nada. Hes the only one with that set of abilities. That may give him a spot sooner than expected.

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