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12-18-2003, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by wasting time
Or a goalie...

Sure, that can be a concern, but how well are the Flyers structured in terms of salaries going into the new CBA? Not the best, I don't think.

Plus, if Clarke traded for Comrie only to be a tourist for a month or two while the team is in first place, that is pretty risky if you ask me.

And, every time you make a trade, you are really throwing caution to the wind - it is the highest risk transaction a professional team can make.

You just don't tempt the hockey gods by being cute in your treatment of player personnel.
Interesting Response..

In my world there is only 1 God ...who is usally too busy to worry about hockey trades, but is concerned about the well being of the players involved..

but Clarke did take a AHL dman, a position of strength and make that asset into a 60 point NHL him additional things to work with...

Just like a big game of world CHESS ...You have to be able to outwit , outlast, yada yada yada etc.. all others..

and I think Fergy is bright guy and you would have to ask yourself..

Why did Clarke make this move when by all accounts Comrie is not a good fit in the East and was not a need at the time, as Philly has depth at center.. So what is he up to.. and Clarke has always been active at the what is that Snake up to what I would be thinking..

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