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12-18-2003, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Heimy
Do I smell panic?

Huselius' poor start has significantly lessened his trade value so I can only hope against hope the interest is from GMs making serious offers. If Dudley dumps Huselius at a Filene's Basement price I'll want his head on a platter. No doubt the guy is ice cold but he'll heat up again. You've gotta wonder how a guy could score 9 goals in his first month in the league then slump so badly. :cough Keenan:

Where were these "interested parties" each time Novoseltsev cleared waivers?
"Interested" may mean interested in paying only a smalll portion of his remaining salary. Otherwise, with Novo clearly not in Dudley's plans, he would have been dealt by now.

I also smell panic, but there's also the distinct scent of reality. When Dudley took over the coaching reigns, he thought the payoff would be significant, if only due to Keenan's removal. However, it's apparent that he has grossly misjudged the current talent of the roster and now perhaps he's questioning his ability to avoid another bottom five finish and looking to rebuild further.

If Dudley is in panic mode or under some sort of pressure, I think you have good reason to be concerned. Look at the return he got for Ozolinsh and Yushkevich when he felt compelled to make a deal. Or how he fared at the waiver draft this season.

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