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Originally Posted by the beat View Post
Are you kidding me?!

He has every right to cheer his ass off, just as you have every right to sit in silence. If you're not prepared to put up with people cheering for their team, then stay home. I assure, the cheering fan has no problem with you sitting in silence.

Is this a joke we're having now? Are people actually like this in Vancouver?
There is a difference between cheering appropriately and cheering inappropriately. They clearly do not have the right to cheer their ***** off if they are being shut down by security. I have no problem with cheering and the expected crowd noise, but anybody doing so excessively is a nuisance and should be shut down. Like I said, I prefer the silence, so I do stay at home. If the stadium were more quiet and well-behaved, I'd probably go.

Originally Posted by VinnyC View Post

If you go to an arena to watch a game you can reasonably expect that other people will react loudly to the events that are happening on the ice. Why? Because you're in a sports entertainment venue along with 20,000 other people. If you didn't pay for seats in a "peaceful and quiet" section, then noise IS the norm. It's like going to an EDM concert then complaining there are people screaming besides you.
Yes, I can. However, if some tool is screaming his ass off for missing the net after a shot, that is a nuisance. If some drunkards are banging on the glass and making a mockery of themselves, then that's a nuisance.

Again, I've said that I prefer the silence so I stay at home. I have no problem that the arena makes a lot of noise, but if the team is going to charge me 500$ so that my girlfriend and I can watch a hockey game, then I expect that we can watch the game the way we want to. Of course, that's not realistic, as 20000 other people will have paid a similar amount of money. I understand that I am not entitled to silence at the arena, but I am entitled to make a choice of whether or not I go, and I choose not to go.

The way I see it is different from the two of you. The two of you see it as "I should be able to do what I want," whereas I see it as "what's best for everyone?" If shouting like a lunatic makes your night- even at the expense of those around you- then congratulations- you are happy, but you've probably just negatively affected about a dozen of others' nights.

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