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02-17-2013, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
I'm not sure how one game where Eller had the lowest TOI on the team proves much of everything. And if only playmakers can be good centers, then ROR is no center either.

DD is the most creative center on this team. That doesn't make him the best center on the team unless Plekanec was traded without me knowing. Desharnais is a pure passer, what he lacks in athleticism and even puck handling skill he makes up in the ability to pass around the net, and a willingness to pay the price to do so. But he pretty much has to start in the offensive zone to be useful. That's probably why Pacioretty and him have such good chemistry, since Pacioretty can rush with the puck and is a possession beast even when not scoring, even if he lacks creativity.

But what Desharnais is or isn't is irrelevant to the question is if the team is squandering Eller's talents. I don't know how you can compare them when Eller plays on the 4th line.
You aren't a real Canadiens fan if you don't put down one player to praise another. lol it's ridiculous around these parts sometimes when you look at that. Look at the Diaz/Subban talk. Or last year with the Pleks/DD talk. Or the Halak/Price talk.

Even if you like both players (like I do with Eller and DD), people will automatically assume everytime I say something negative about Eller, that I'm throwing him under the bus. Never would I do that to good ol' Lars.

Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
You will probably disagree but IMO what Desharnais is really bad at is defensive zone play in general. Defensively he does a lot of little things right - the effort is there, he doesn't give up on plays and is smart enough to intercept pucks, which means he's decent at recovery, in the offensive or neutral zone, but when he gets a defensive start, I find he usually gets pinned in his own end. Of course it depends who he is playing with but that's the biggest problem with Desharnais for me. It reminds me of Briere.
That's not because he's bad at defense though.

It's because he's atrocious at faceoffs. Plekanec and Eller lose a lot of draws, but they usually are a lot less clean (meaning the puck gets tied up on the boards or the opposing team has to quick cycle. Desharnais either wins, or loses badly on the draw, which gives the other team perfect possession.

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