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02-17-2013, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by RedMenace View Post
That's a very reasonable prediction, and is quite likely the scenario that will play out.

Tatar has been with the Griffins for 4 years; he's paid his dues, and even without him having said anything to the media, he was going to be called up this year and likely given a full-time roster spot next year. He's a more aggressive version of HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED, and Babcock will reward him handsomely by playing his game.

As an aside, did anyone see Tatar on the bench after he scored his goal (I think that's when it was)? Babcock stood behind him and gave him a mighty "attaboy" whack on the shoulder. I'm pretty sure Tats has a bright future with the Babcock-led Wings.
Tatar's playing well enough right now that he should be the first guy promoted to the top 6 in case of injury... I don't think demoting him should even be on Kenny's radar anymore. Plenty of redundant bottom 6 guys he could peddle to contenders seeking "veteran moxie" for picks or lower prospects.


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