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02-17-2013, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by AmazingNuck View Post
What the hell is this about "explaining an awful lot about Vancouver sports fans?" The poll is 10 : 1. TEN TO ONE. That means for every one person who prefers the silence, there are TEN people who prefer the crowd noise. I seriously do not understand how this doesn't make sense to you.

There are two or three people defending the preference of quietness. How you project that onto an entire city's fanbase is beyond me. If you want to disagree with me, go ahead, but to lump an entire group of people based on three peoples' opinions- despite the fact that there are a lot more defending your side- is just plain wrong.

Yes, asking somebody to quiet down at a sports game is reasonable. If a person's night is being ruined by another's noise level, is he unreasonable to ask the noise maker to quiet down so that he can enjoy his own night? The loud fan can enjoy the game much more in silence than the person who asked if the person who asked has to endure the loud fan's night.

There is no authority, there is only personal preference and logic. Logically, if two fans are watching the same game and one's cheering is ruining the other's night, then the non-cheering fan is reasonable in asking the cheering fan to quiet down. If both watch in silence, then both can still enjoy the game; if the cheering fan does not stop, however, then only the cheering fan can enjoy the game.

The question you have to ask yourself is: is me cheering really worth ruining others' nights? I bet your answer is "well they should deal with it because they knew what they expected coming into the game" and that's a fine answer.

EDIT: Actually, there is an authority- the security. If they tell you to quiet down, it's because that's what their bosses have told them to do. Those bosses have been told by their own bosses to do this, and so forth.
Sorry to ruffle your feathers. It explains a lot about Vancouver fans that attend games. Sorry to ruin your day like that.

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