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02-17-2013, 02:48 PM
We'll be back.
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Originally Posted by garnetpalmetto View Post
No. Just no. Let that nonfecund franchise slowly wither and die from memory on the dustbin of hockey history. Let such idiocies as Pucky, Brass Bonanza, and green cooperalls fade until they become an almost hallucination. The Whalers are dead and I'm glad - may the only memento of their existence be our goal horn - all the rest, playing in shopping malls included, can be consigned to never be brought up again.
I wouldn't go this far.

It's really too bad that the Hartford-to-Raleigh (by way of Greensboro) move was so acrimonious and handled so badly.

There is no reason why the Whalers logo should be "owned by the city of Hartford". How the hell did that even happen? A franchise should own its own logo. When they move, they should be able to use a variation of that logo, or use it on throwbacks, or whatever. It should remain the property of the franchise, not the city they originated in.

I sure hope Karmanos (and every other NHL owner) has fixed this legal flub and going forward will control their own trademarks. Teams move. The Carolina Hurricanes (despite what GarnetPalmetto and many others seem to want) ARE the Hartford Whalers, for all intents and purposes. The team moved and changed their name, that's all.

I was a Whalers fan - now I'm a Canes fan. It's the same damn franchise. There shouldn't be this bizarre fan group allied with some politicians in Connecticut holding the previous name and logo hostage in some misguided hope that the Whalers reappear in New England.

Let it go, Hartford. Let the team go, let the logo go. If you want a new NHL team, pick a new logo and name.

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