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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
no but it can get the guys that are on the team to play better. we've all seen this team play very well for short periods of time (10 minutes, a period or two even a whole 60 minutes once this season) so why aren't they out there doing it consistently. you can tell they aren't skating or going all out on every shift and this consistency problem has been here for a couple yrs now. all that would change with the right coach. a few better periods or a goal or two here and there as a result and he could easily be looking at a 8-7-1 record instead of a 6-9-1 which in this shortened season is a huge difference. If Lavy could get them to play with some fire or some semblance of constancy most wouldn't suggest he be fired even if the record was the same. Its the fact that he can't get his team to to play a full 60 minutes.

i agree he got lucky in some regards but give him credit where credit is due. Jagr was still a very good player a few years ago in the NHL and he started a new off season work out regimen that let him produce in the 2nd best league in the world. It wasn't exactly a stretch to say he would be ok in the NHL. The team had confidence in Giroux getting better and i know i did too i just didn't expect him to toss up 93 points but 80 from the previous yrs 76 was more then reasonable. Read was just good scouting, that didn't have much to do with Holmgren imo just the Flyers scouts ability as a whole to recognize the potential in young two-way forwards. Couturier on the other hand you say was on nobodies radar two years ago? he was ranked to go 1st overall about that time, Homer got lucky that he fell so far nothing else. i will give you that we lucked out in that simmonds and talbot had career years. but anyway out of all that was said how did you get that Giroux is gonna be traded?

I also love how we have this young core that everyone was so excited about a year ago and now we're in a "mess". the team has a whole or two nothing more. everyone needs to calm down.

you could argue that we have the better line-up and more depth. i was just talking about this

some, absolutely. a good portion should also be put on Snider if you wanna be fair as i think he's pressured Holmgren into making some moves in the past (trades and signings). but i still don't see a reason even with our injuries why this team shouldn't at least be playing with some passion and i think that comes down to the coach, fair or not it's his responsibility to get the guys to play like they are capable and he's not doing that.

you are never going to admit that homer is the one blame are you? until he's gone this team is going no where, why is it so hard for you to understand? because these other players will win cups if they get traded, i dont care, i would rather risk that, then seeing this team in dumps for years, i dont know how you want something like this for years.

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