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12-18-2003, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by canucks year
The truth of the matter is that Wash is going broke and if they do not rid them selves of alot of payroll u will not have a team, ala Pittsburg.

When money is in volved there is no tradition or faithfullness so guys like Bondra, Gonchar, Jagr, Lang, Kolzig will be gone. And guys like Lang, Bondra and Gonchar will be gone first because of the amount of cash these players make, meaning they are somewhat affordable to other teams. Owners are in this to make money and when they don't cuts are made in order to do so.

My prediction is Wash does't have a hope in hell of making the playoffs. There is going to be a fire sale for new and YOUNG players and probablly a bunch of high draft picks.

So Washington fans maybe in 4 or so years u will get close to winning cup again.
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