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Originally Posted by SidTheKid8787 View Post
There was one play where Geno picked the puck up down low in the D-Zone and usually he just explodes with speed but he just geared down. I suspect he may have an injury.

-DB's line juggling minus the bit in the third with Geno-Sid-Neal.
I'm counting possibly a half dozen 'usually he just . . .' things with Geno a game. Injury? Mailing it in? LW situation? Inconsistent ice time? Lack of trust from the coaches? Discomfort adjusting back to 'Penguins hockey' (not to say that he ever was a Bylsma guy in that regard)?

Whatever it is-- and we can debate it ad nauseum-- I think only the biggest kool-aid drinker would say the Pens have a chance to win a cup with Geno playing the way he is now. Then again, I've always kind of figured the Pens playoff fortunes have a coincidental-- or not so coincidental resemblance-- first, second, and third to how Geno is playing.

Put that on Malkin. Put that on the coaches. Put that on the Easter Bunny. I don't give a poop. It's developed pretty quickly into a bigger problem than the breakout.

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