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02-17-2013, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by countrygentleman View Post
I was reading yahoo puck daddy's Three Stars of the night and number one star was John Tavares. He netted a hatty and YPD said the Islanders won the game because "Tavares was the difference." I leave everyone to ponder how many times have the Wild won ( or lost) a game because Koivu was the difference maker (or not.) That's something a captain should be doing far more often than Koivu does. Yeah, generally he plays a solid game but he rarely takes over a game on his own and brings home the 'W' single handely.
A good captain can do more than just score. If the players role on the team is to score, then he better damned well do that. Tavares' role is to score, good for him. Koivu does more, and does it well.

Get over this "he needs to put the team and carry us ever single game bs." He carries this team in many ways. He could score more, sure, does it mean he's a bad captain? No.

Does Tavares have a hatty every game? No. Isls could use it. He must be a bad captain if he can't do that every game.

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