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02-17-2013, 03:25 PM
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Tacking on to this (I do that a lot lately):

Is there a way to try out goalie? The price of equipment is prohibitively high to just dabble with it and then find out I hate it. Do most people simply bite the bullet and go with it, or just sell their gear if they don't like it? I am not in a league yet and have no hockey friends per se to ask for a goalie's gear, even though that would be weird to begin with.

Is the best option to hope to pick up some 2nd hand stuff, go to a clinic or pick up and just try it then? We have all kinds of skating/clinics around here, but I haven't seen anything specific to goalies at all. I am interested though whether that would be something for me. I am not very flexible (I guess you one can work on that), but I am pretty quick and pretty fearless about getting in the way of shots. I played goalie in football and team handball before whenever our regular goalie couldn't make it and nobody else volunteered with good success.

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