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02-17-2013, 03:45 PM
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[QUOTE=RayzorIsDull;59900921]Well Taylor Hall refused to play for Erie. I am not sure if Erie would have drafted Hall 1st overall, OReilly was really talked about going #1 from day 1.

Ryan Ellis had an offer from Ohio St, not sure how serious was that.

Watson was pretty much a cooked deal, knew a day before the draft they were going to take him and "hope" he would show.

Fowler I can see how somebody would say it was cooked.

In regards to Hall and Ellis the team wasn't good before they showed up and had very little to sell prospective picks.

I think what you saw earlier was those type of picks wanted to make an impact and put Windsor on the map. Now you see like you say entitlement and certain players just along for the ride. After this week I think the offseason needs to begin now. Rychel and the scouts need to pound the pavement and start drafting better.[/QUOTE

Hall actually was not coming to Windsor initially either,despite the fact Riolo was gone for 1 year
As for Watson USNTP took too long so he came to Windsor
While some think it was a cooked deal for Fowler it was not
You are correct Windsor was not a good team prior to Hall and Ellis arriving,coming off their 1st draft with Nemisz,Henriques,Cundari,Wellwood,Hackett, draft
Year 2 had a50 pt improvement tied for 1st,Mickey tragically passes away
We know what happens after that for years 3 and 4-Mem Cups BTB,
No doubt scouting and management have to do their jobs going forward

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