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02-17-2013, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish on The Sand View Post
There are no odds to defy when he wins basically every match he is in.
i posted he has won 67% of his matches in WWF (almost 600matches)

HBK 67.6157% with 562
the brittish bulldog also won 67.11% with 374.
Bret Hart 72.1448% 359
its comparable. and no fan went crazy and died of getting overexposed to a wwf superstar. dont worry

(by the way: Jake the snake 78.5388% (219))

i only listed those with hundreds of matches, but if we use CM Punks logic. that before RAW/SD they would wrestle only once a week, you have the Lex Lugers and Warriors that pretty much won 80% of theirs aswell....
i understand his 600 matches gives him obviously more total wins than the rest, but you can still see he's far from winning them all. big list above him.

edit: (i do see he might be the guy with the most total wins when i see the chart) same as my previous post

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