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02-17-2013, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Markstrom Rules View Post
He's very feisty. Idk if anyone remembers the 2009 WJC, but in the Final with Canada, he and Jacob Della Rovere had a battle going, and at one point there was a loose puck dumped into the zone, and Markstrom raced out to meet it with Della Rovere chasing after it also, and Markstrom went straight for Della Rovere and they smashed into eachother and both fell down. LOL that was the moment he became my hero.

DGM has also played 13 fewer games. It's not unusual for a solid backup to have better stats than a starter. He has an easier workload. And the differences in their SV% and GAA are very minimal.
the trolls timing is convenient - as Markstrom's save % has been higher than DGM's all season up until this week. ignore him.

i'd honestly even be willing to give DGM a shot. that's how bad our goaltending has been. why not? if he stinks at the NHL level, it'll be no different than what we've had so far anyway...especially clemmensen. and sometimes all goalies need is a chance - look at Fasth in Anaheim.

promoting DGM would just be "throwing **** up against a wall and hoping something sticks" type of logic, but considering the **** we've thrown against the wall this year hasn't stuck, why not try someone else? anyone else?

not saying DGM should be promoted over Markstrom obviously, but at this point, if they're intent on babying Marky, then try something else. DGM's numbers have been very good in the AHL. maybe it will translate - maybe not. what would we have to lose? can't be worse than clemmensen.

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