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Originally Posted by IslandersFan17 View Post
Having the opinion of calling someone selfish, the kid was upset about not being named captain and would have reported if named Captain. His father then proceeds to go on Twitter of all places and belittle's the organization Although not a FA, being a RFA means you are still the property of the team. Thus, O'Reilly could have very easily signed a short term deal like Subban did with the Habs, got back to work and maintain a level of integrity as a hockey player. Or, let me guess, the kid hits a slump, doesn't get the minutes as a disciplinary action, do we have to worry about his daddy jumping on the social media outlets and bad mouth the team?

O'Reilly does have skill but to act like the kid really would be drafted ahead of Hedman, Duchene, Kane, OEL... When Duchene enters his contract talks soon there is no doubt Matthew will command 5 mill a year. Matt has been very productive within his first two seasons and has been very productive in the early going this season. O'Reilly is not on the same level as Duchene his own teammate who declares the team is more focused on getting Landeskog back.

You can act out all you want, but do me a favor, go to google and search Ryan O'Reilly and holdout... See how many others are labeling what Ryan's action are- A Holdout.

As far as Nino, I can tell by the way you post, you will not have a slightly intelligent comment on the young man's potential.
o'reilly is completely within his rights to seek large money and a long term deal. he doesn't have to sign a short term deal to "maintain a level of integrity." the kid is a fighter, plain and simple, and that is obviously continuing off the ice. he is fighting for what he feels he is worth as free agents are expected to do. i don't see anything wrong with that and i don't think that his character should be judged because of it.

as far as where o'reilly would go in 2009 draft if it were to be "re-done," there are people who speak with general managers on a frequent basis who believe he would be the number 2 pick. no disrespect intended, but i'll give that information more weight than i will your analysis of the situation.

with regards to the swiss miss...i don't know what your point is. are you suggesting that i believe that he has a lack of potential? i've never said that. he has goal scoring potential at the nhl level. but for someone to assert that o'reilly has a higher score on the "whiny ***** scale" than nino niederreiter is absolutely ridiculous! the swiss miss whined and cried to not go back to junior last year and he is whining and crying again about being in the ahl!

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