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02-17-2013, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Avsare1 View Post
Simply put, we don't ever....

Stastny is a playmaking Center, during his 75-80 point years he was putting up roughly 20 goals 50-60 Assists every year. A playmaking Center cant continue to put up points if his Wingers cant finnish, and this has been the case with Stastny for 1.5 Years(He's only been producing at a lower level for this long).

When Stastny was putting up higher point totals, he had goal scorers on his wings who were putting his passes in the net. His linemates this year have so far scored 2 goals. He cant put up points if his linemates cant finnish...

MAYBE, just maybe if you stopped looking solely at stats and watched a game, you would see that Stas is still setting up his linemates for quality scoring chances 2-3 times a game, but he cant help that they haven't been able to finnish....

I know, that's a crazy concept, who actually watches hockey on this forum anyway, all just a bunch of statisticians.
I watch the Avs quite a bit actually. Being in the east, I usually watch 1 western game per night. As I already stated, Chris Stewart and Matt Duchene were a big part in me starting to watch Colorado on a semi regular basis.

I see Stastny making plays that any other average 2nd liner makes. He doesn't do anything special. Top line playmakers make their line mates better and create opportunities. Stastny doesn't seem to do that. He seems to make generic plays that result in a whole lot of nothing.

I'm not solely basing everything on stats, but guys making 6.6 million dollars annually are expected to put up numbers, something Stastny hasn't done for what's going on 3 years now.

Duchene and O'Reilly got the better wingers to play with because they were playing better. It's that simple. It's not some conspiracy against him, Joe Sacco wants to keep his job and will put whoever he thinks gives him the best chance out there.

Stastny's play has declined and there's really no disputing that. He's underproducing and overpaid. May as well keep him because he won't return much value in a trade at 6.6m and the cap going down next year.

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