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02-17-2013, 04:40 PM
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People saying that it happens every game so therefore it's a clean hit are making quite a tautological error.

I'm not saying it was the dirtiest thing to ever happen, I'm saying it was cheap and he didn't need to do that, i.e., it was NOT a hockey play. He came in with one purpose only - finish a check on a player without the puck. Grey area there about whether that's what a D should do there and I agree, it happens a lot. I just think that the way Gally was positioned, you really shouldn't hit someone like that. It's dangerous and while usually tough hockey players bounce back right away (Gally has taken his fair share already), the result of the fact that it's dangerous has come to fruition: Gally got hurt.

As for the Reimer-Gionta thing, two TOTTTTALLY different things since:
a) Gionta was pushed INTO Reimer and something (allegedly his elbow) hit Reimer in the head. Gio wasn't finishing a play or something.
b) I'm not going to lord this over Schenn forever like those freakshows. I'm saying that it was a borderline cheap hit and it's what you get when you play the flyers, but Schenn really played that one badly. Game happens fast and I respect the guys who hit without just trying to rub a guy out. Again, no reason to ride his head into the glass there. How is that not boarding BTW?

My main concern is that Gally's future is not compromised. It's more worrisome in light of his past. To have such a dynamic player, a great pick and an important piece of our future Cup potentially have his career impacted negatively gives me shivers. The other injuries, ok fine, we can deal. This is far more serious. I really hope that the nature of this concussion was such that the impact was on the part of his brain that is most robust. (Related to grades and severity as well as consequent prognosis.)

Oh and I just remembered how after the 6-0 game, leaf fans were saying that Orr went after Gio as payback for the Reimer thing. Maybe THIS is their ultimate payback since it was when Schenn was a Leaf. I'm sure, somewhere on these boards, that argument is being made. (And that some Leaf fans are actually happy.)

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