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02-17-2013, 04:42 PM
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Ebert came to us as a kid who could stick in the NHL as an 18 yr old and crashed and burned. Johnson, Vail, Clarke all went in the mid-to-late rounds. Sieloff was drafted in the second before he came here. Koekkoek was traded for injured. Bateman was also highly thought of as a 15 yr old. Webermin was a first rounder who was forever in the dog house here. Ho-Sang looked like a regular rookie out there, again a year away from being the elite prospect. Look at the last 3-4 draft classes - it's not pretty. I'd worry about the development aspect if I was a parent/agent. If you're playing the NCAA game to choose your landing spot, Windsor's star has faded.
Ebert - that stuff is on him, not the staff.

Bateman - I'll admit, they've kind of screwed this one up, but not all 1sts pan out.

I don't necessarily believe Windsor's star is fading, but it's taken a hit.

Back-to-Back Memorial Cups means nothing to a player coming in now. It looks more like that was lightning in a bottle than WR and Boughner being some elite talent scouts/coaching.
Disagree. When a team won back-to-back Memorial Cups less than five years ago, and went to the West Final the year after, it shows the current regime knows how to win and wants to win.

Been told that's impossible with this player. He just doesn't have any hockey IQ. He's like a rabid dog who uses his speed and tenacity to chase the puck. He has no recognition for set plays... all he knows is to chase the puck.
Wouldn't surprise me, but I know I said on Thursday that "Verbeek has impressed the hell out of me. He's been on that puck like it's nobodies business." If he can keep his emotions under control, he should be fine.

Like Otto said it was years ago those the kids you're bringing in now when they Spits were good were at the age of 9 and 10.
You realize it was TWO years ago that we were amongst the elite, right?

What's annoying is that the players are being blamed for everything but it's time to look at management and coaching. There's an old saying if the student has learned the teacher hasn't taught. I don't see these students/players learning much.
To an extent, such as the PP, I agree. It's the same stuff every time and very easy to stop. The hustle, the lack of shooting (compared to fancy plays), and the overall attitude on the ice are on the players.

Regarding Fowler, take this as you may...

During the draft, I was in the arena with the team. The Fowler stuff appeared to happen at the very last minute and the team was literally chuckling while reading online posts about "cooked deal." It struck me as very "this wasn't supposed to happen, but we'll take it."

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