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Originally Posted by BigTimer View Post
Well I guess we've got it solved. Gainey's not willing to win at any price. If he think's a particular move will make him look like a business man, even if it would improve the team, he wants no part of it. That's the hockey player in him talking.
wow you're clueless, have you ever heard of a salary cap? You don't break the bank for ONE player over a span of several years with the uncertainity of what the cap is going to be in future seasons. What if the cap decreases next year and we sign Jason Arnott to a 5 million dollar contract over 5 years? What if Arnott shows that his numbers from 2005 were just an anomaly? we'll be stuck with that albatross of a contract and we won't be able to resign the likes of andrei markov who is a MUCH important player than jason arnott. The elias contract that the devils gave was just ludicrous, yes....he's an extraordinary player but 7 years? The Cap could be back to 37 million by then...who knows?
the only player who we pursued who ended up with a short term contract was shanahan, and we outbid the rangers...yet he decided to go to the rags anyways. So yah, of course bob isn't trying.
Tell me genius, how good were the tampa bay lightning last season withh their 2 huge contracts? How good are they now with virtually the exact same team, minus modin and a lateral change in goaltending? How good were the Black Hawks last year? The penguins? There's no corey stillman's available at 1.9 million, bud.
When all of those players got signed to those ludicrious contracts last week, people were crying after every player went to a different team...regardless of how crappy they were (i'm talking about people like you who have NO clue about how to run a hockey team). While a couple posters such as myself were adamant that we were in the hunt for ONLY a few UFA's (elias, arnott and plan C...shanahan). We got close, but but atleast BG was fiscally responsible and didn't decide to handicap the team for future seasons. Perhaps if you can grasp the concept of short and LONG term planning, you'd make an interesting post for once. But till then, es tee eff u.

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