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02-17-2013, 05:23 PM
**** the Kings...
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Originally Posted by HBSauce View Post
Always lurking but come out of the woodshed to post when we aren't doing welll.

I've been thinking that the reason for my frustration for this team is that they are the exact contrast to the pre 2005 lockout Sharks. The pre lockout sharks were always fun to cheer for since they worked hard, had less skill than the other teams they faced (especially playoff runs), and never questioned their identity of a hard working, grind out a win team.

The past 7 seasons of Sharks hockey I feel like I've never thought regularly we would outwork the other team to get a win, and we never worked hard enough to get the bounces that went against us.

That said, I will always stick with the team in highs or lows but I'm disappointed with the vision (or lack their of) this team and organization has.

I support trades, coaching, or management changes in the coming months but if they don't change I will still be a sucker and rally for them since I will always be a sharks fan, 7 game streak or slide.

Go Sharks
you should lurk less often ...

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