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Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
A couple of scouts have left,at least 1 was added
As for the drafting or trades for 1st rders it should be noted,that Ebert was rated top
5 for the OHL draft,Bateman and Maletta were legitimate Ist rders,though Maletta
was not their 1st chioce,it was Steven Harper drafted by Erie one spot before Windsor,
Maletta btw was rated as high as 4th,but he did not want to go Sarnia,Erie,Guelph,
Plymouth, Sudbury,Saginaw and Kingston
Where they screwed up was drafting Webermin in the !st,that was a Rychel pick,not the
scouts choice,most wanted Adam Pelech,they shoud have taken him but then again
Plymouth and London passed on him too in the 1st
The following taking Hunter Smith was a huge gaffe in the 2nd,there was a division
amongst scouts it was 4-4 and rychel decided on Smith,drafting on size and projection as opposed to readiness,u lose some ,u win some
Better drafting dont worry about Americans,unless u know they are coming,better
scouting and lose the arrogance is the order of the day
The word on the OHL street is that Windsor is becoming a place not to come,not my
view but from what I have been told,not because of the coaching but because of the arrogance
Their is little sympathy for Windsor"s plight across the league,though i think its better
to have a strong franchise in the league not a weakend one
I am not surprised to hear this. Does Rychel need to trust his scouts more? Of course if a few left maybe the new scouts aren't as good as the old ones. As for the arrogance part too much success too soon it sounds like that. For the most part Rychel and Boughner turned it around over night and I have no doubt they thought they could do it again which was probably the biggest mistake. Every situation is different and you can't expect these new guys to be like Henrique, Nemisz, Ellis etc..

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