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02-17-2013, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Qward View Post
Omark got sent down his first season in the NHL and *****ed and moaned. Silfverberg lead his team to the SEL as the Captain and broke records. He was the MVP of both the regular season and the playoffs.

Omark left because he couldn't make an Oilers team. Silfverberg is playing in the NHL right now. Is Omark?

How about you let Silfverberg play more than 15 games in the NHL on an injury plagued team before you judge him?

As far as stats go, look at every international event and you will see Silfverberg has a higher ppg % in every level.

But glad your boy can do nifty shoot out moves. Keep him. Or rather you couldn't.
Naw.. Silfverberg scored 20 points in 17 games in swedish playoffs.
Omark scored 5 points in 5 games in swedish playoffs.
Almost the same PPG.

Omark stats in the Swedish WC-team
Sweden WC 9games 2g 8a 10p +/- 5
Sweden (all) International 20games 6g 16a 22p

Sweden WC 9games 1g 3a 4p
Sweden (all)International 24games 6g 8a 14p

50 points in 64 games= 0.78/ppg

Silfverberg stats in the swedish WC-team
Sweden WC 9games 0g 1a 1p
Sweden (all)International 22games 3g 3a 6p

Sweden WC 8games 2g 0a 2p
Sweden (all)International 12games 2g 3a 5p

14 points in 51 games= 0.274/ppg

Where exactly does Silfverberg have higher PPG than Omark?
Statistics doesn't lie you hooooooomer!

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