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02-17-2013, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by angry_treefrog View Post
You can't play it both ways 0.G.

PDB had little confidence in him as well.
it's true, pete had him on a short leash at the end of his last year, after ellerby had bounced between rochester and the big club quite a bit. in his defense, pete even admitted he was burnt out trying to squeeze wins out with the roster he was given but i agree, ellerby should've been given time during that stretch when the season was lost.

however, there's no reason he should not have been penciled in as a 3rd pairing guy last year or (certainly not) this year, especially given the guys we're throwing out there now.

it's just ridiculous to think how badly this team gets screwed by mishandling its young NHLers.

Originally Posted by Ghoste View Post
I'm not sure about Potvin but I definitely know Tallon has stated this. And ever since I heard him say that, I've always kept that in my head as a measuring stick for defensemen. So yeah, Kuli still has about 90 games to reach that point.

The only reason Kuli's name comes up in trade talks is because he's a nice trade chip that could bring something of significance back. All the fantasy trades that involve Clem, Kuba, Jovo, etc. won't happen because no one wants them. And at this point, I'd rather trade Weiss than Kuli.

potvin is the guy we've all heard say this over the years. never heard tallon say it but it's possible he has as well.

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