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02-17-2013, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by ViCiieux View Post
Naw.. Silfverberg scored 20 points in 17 games in swedish playoffs.
Omark scored 5 points in 5 games in swedish playoffs.
Almost the same PPG.

Omark stats in the Swedish WC-team
Sweden WC 9games 2g 8a 10p +/- 5
Sweden (all) International 20games 6g 16a 22p

Sweden WC 9games 1g 3a 4p
Sweden (all)International 24games 6g 8a 14p

50 points in 64 games= 0.78/ppg

Silfverberg stats in the swedish WC-team
Sweden WC 9games 0g 1a 1p
Sweden (all)International 22games 3g 3a 6p

Sweden WC 8games 2g 0a 2p
Sweden (all)International 12games 2g 3a 5p

14 points in 51 games= 0.274/ppg

Where exactly does Silfverberg have higher PPG than Omark?
Statistics doesn't lie you hooooooomer!
Yes use tournament stats. You're a smart one, aren't you? Silfverberg is way better than Omark.

Regarding the deal, it seems fair. Both do need a change of scenery, and I wouldn't mind owning the rights to Filatov considering Omark's pretty much done here.

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