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02-17-2013, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Jamieh View Post
Not sure where to put this but here goes. I have been a STH for 4 years and must say that the experience this year is the worst yet. Getting to and into has always been a pleasure until this season. Last night I was waiting in a line-up of cars to get into my STH parking lot and sat still for about 10 minutes until I finally just pulled into paid parking and shelled out the $10 so I wouldn't miss the game. Then walk up to entrance and stand in line for almost 20 minutes as I now have to do almost every night.

I have been to sporting events all over the world and have never seen a place take so long to get people in as I have seen at Coyotes games this year. For a team struggling with attendance they sure are doing a crappy job of making it a welcome experience for new fans. Can't understand why it takes me longer to get into building some nights than the 30 mile drive to get there???
I think this actually started late last year when out of nowhere they started trying to "organize" traffic. Before you could just pull into the parking lot and go wherever, same with when you left but now it's ropes, cones and crap everywhere. Easily adds about 15 minutes of unnecessary time.

btw...I'm primarily talking about the parking in Cardinals stadium area that used to easy peezy!

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