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Originally Posted by *Injektilo View Post
I don't know how to respond here. You're asking me to prove a negative. You might as well ask proof that they don't bathe in the blood of newborn puppies as soon as the videos end. Let me ask you, what's with the use of fearmongering to throw red herrings? If you ever go to a Whitecaps game, this type of atmosphere occurs all game long, and it never turns to violent or racist incidents. So why is that even brought up?

Did you read the posts I quoted?
I'm not asking you to prove the contrary or anything else-- I just don't think the clips you're posting are evidence of what you're saying either.

These posts?

Originally Posted by LiquidSnake
I have yet to meet any fan, those that even prefer quiet that are bothered by the crowd cheering a hit, goal or even a chance.

It's the stuff in between, the drunken yelling, lets do the wave etc... that i'm not a fan of.

Originally Posted by AmazingNuck
I spoke on the context of excessive noise-making, such as the drunken or excessive yelling. I enjoy the crowd noise when it's appropriate.

They don't read like they're making direct reference to the Southsiders at all.

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