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Originally Posted by McClelland View Post
For the first, i dont want to trade Gagner before we have a 2 c who can play both ways, who can drive the play,who can win us Fo in a regular basis and can play hard around the boards.

Where we are right now, it doesnt matters because we arent a good team, we are to soft and 2-4 lines isnt good at regular basis. Rnh doesnt plays soft if you combine youth size and years in nhl! Rnh to me is a superstar in coming and their line outplaying and outshooting strong opponents night after night. That line is pure gold and everyone knows it and i think last night is going to put fire to their scoring 5 on 5.

Gagner a regular 40p guy with offensive qualitys who cant play hard and cant win enough Fo in regular basis, he do his best but his best isnt good enough for a team to contend for the ring.

Gagner is depending on a driver in his lines, he reads the game well and with lot of time, he make really good plays. Why should we go forward with a 2 c who is a pp specialist who racks up points in 5 on 4 but is pretty invisible 5 on 5.

He has 4 goals in 14 games and 1 is a open netter and 1 is in pp.
So we could say 2 g es and 3 second assist(yes every ass in es is second). That not impressive when his shooting% is normal comparing to earlier year. The line has very low puckpossession and has been outshot almost every game.

If that numbers had been your "friend" Player X then you had been all over him, even if you use all 4 goals in 14gp, i remember many times when you pointed that out. So in your own way to see it should Gagners assist be close to worthless. 2 goals es with topminutes and 18-19 minutes a game isnt good for 2 line c.

He has 6 points in es and 8 p in pp so his improvement in points is all about our great pp and Hemskys/yaks sh%. We all know that he is a good pp player.
To compare other in the team especially the first line is ridicolous when their sh% is way under normal Hall 5.3% Ebs 10.4% and Rnh 3.6% GagnerS linemates hemsky 24 in sh% and Yak 19 %.

What do you thinks happens with their sh% before the season ends? I mean hemsk/yaks efectiveness go down to normal and the line continues to get outshot(huh).

Gagner isnt a 2c , he doesnt take that responsible and cant do it because hes to weak/small and hes skating is below average and his puckprotection is weak and we tried him at the wing before(looked horrible). His improvements in the bad areas is invisible, his fo stats says that and he is -2. hes been owned big by Umberger,stastny and duchene lately nothing wrong about that but it has looked so freakin easy and not even close.

With all bad but true things said, Gagner can be a good complement to a strong big team with good drivers, but he will never be a 2 c in a champion team and thats why i doesnt think Gagner is a fit with us when we take a run at the cup!
Hold on a sec....if Omark had 15 points in 14 games we would be all over him????? You've lost it!!! Do you think Gagner has peaked at 23?

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