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Originally Posted by *Injektilo View Post
You don't think chants can be good natured?


So you're either saying they're posting out of topic, or they're building straw men.
What? I'm saying that your videos don't actually support that The Southsiders didn't do anything wrong that would reasonably illicit people to tell them to shut up in this particular instance. You showed them being good natured in some instances. I'm not saying you need to do the impossible task of proving that they were good natured in this instance, but so what? It doesn't shed light on what happened or whether or not their treatment was fair either way. It's a directionless topic because every relevant fact is a complete question-mark.

As for the second point, I think the original topic, speculating about what the Southsiders did/how they were treated is totally fruitless and barren, and that the thread's topic has evolved into something broader. If you have to be anal about this sort of thing, then yes, absolutely, everyone's posting out of topic and the discussion's only tangentially related to the Southsiders thing. The topic is no longer the Southsiders but the fan/crowd noise-making mentality and atmosphere in general.

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