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02-17-2013, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Interesting. Guess we'll have to see how the season shakes out. I'm still sticking to the luck argument to be honest. He's not Brandon Yip lucky, that was a trainwreck you could see coming a mile away. But he's definitely not a 60 point winger. More like a 45-50 putting in 25 goals during a good season.

I like him with Duchy, sometimes you need glue players to make a line work. Before he was moved with Duchy, Duchy was less effective. The trio of them seem to work well together and have only gotten better as the season progressed, elevating all of them games.
Well I hope he continues to prove you wrong, lol. I think he can be a 60 point clear cut top 6 power forward, and I also think we have more to see from him when it comes to goals. I've been a bit of a homer with him since he came over but I think somewhere around 30/30 is very possible. I should say that... I think his assists depend on if hes playing with people who can put the puck in the net a benefit from his abilities along the wall.

Playing with Stastny I think hes more of a pure goals guy, but with Duchene and PAP, especially Duchene... His assists will be more on par with his goal totals. I like that everyone on that line can put the puck in the net, Parenteau has been a good surprise in that area but we knew Duchene could put the puck in the net. All three of them are threats and I think it creates more space for each one. I also like McGinn's speed with Duchene, where Landeskog isn't as fast and may be a better fit with Stastny. Stastny and O'Reilly are far closer in comparison than Duchene and O'Reilly obviously, when it comes to the type of game they play.

Can't wait to see Landeskog back, and on Stastny's wing. I hate Jones though... McGinn has done enough for me to only feel like we need to replace one of our top 6 wingers going forward (That being Jones.. blah).

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