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02-17-2013, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by King Canuck View Post
Man great to see Oilers fans dissing Schroeder yet haven't seen him play. Schroeder is a very good defensive player, when I saw people calling Schroeder bad defensively and I just about lost it. Paajarvi is one of my favorite players, but I'd take Schroeder for the time being.
That's just a pathetic comment. How the hell do you know what any one person has seen, let alone an entire fanbase? Also don't you think we just may have seen him play in the 1 game he participated in against the Oilers? Instead of fabricating what experiences peoples lives have consisted of perhaps you could make an argument as to why Schroeder is better than Paajarvi (who is apparently one of your favorite players despite not being better than a guy who's not even a star at the AHL level nor does he play for your favorite team, all i'll say is you sure choose weird "favorites"). Comments like these are what gives HFboards a bad name.

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