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Originally Posted by ZZamboni View Post
And anyone who honestly believes a GM should in a public forum, hint at (or bluntly voice) negative feelings about their coach is

A GM calling out a coach on ANY level publicly is bush league and sophomoric.

What a GM says and does are two different things. Granted Regiers track record in regards to Ruff would say otherwise

This summer should be interesting ... Until then, I suffer.
I'm not saying Regier should call out Ruff, why would he? All I'm saying is he is imprisoned by a mentality that is absolutely outrageous. It's out of touch with reality.

When it gets to the point where the guy thinks it makes more sense to wait for a hardened, puffed-up coach to "change" is better than making a real splash at change; well that's all I can say. It's downright baffling.

I argue this point because they've both been here for so long. Are we seriously even considering that Regier feels differently than what he actually says?

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