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02-17-2013, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Kloparren View Post
I don't like McGInn as much as most of you. I still see him as a 3rd liner whose production has been boosted as a result of playing big minutes with better players. He's a 50-60 pt guy on a poor team. But at least he isn't as useless as Parenteau defensively. My gosh Parenteau's lack of hockey sense, I have no idea how that guy manages to put up that many pts.
Definitely think he's a 2nd liner. He's essentially played on our 2nd line last year and now on our 1st line and he hasn't looked out of place or having a hard time contributing like say a guy like Bates Battaglia did when he was brought over.

The Avs knew what they were doing when they targeted this player last year. Clearly talented but needing a REAL opportunity and not a few shifts here and there with a bunch of guys ahead on the depth chart. He got it and made the most of it. Even though we've been shutout THREE times already this season, McGinn has had good opportunities in pretty much every game...he's pretty consistent. I don't really remember him having a bad game so far this year...I remember the Avs playing poor collectively but I can't really single him out.

Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Interesting. Guess we'll have to see how the season shakes out. I'm still sticking to the luck argument to be honest. He's not Brandon Yip lucky, that was a trainwreck you could see coming a mile away. But he's definitely not a 60 point winger. More like a 45-50 putting in 25 goals during a good season.

I like him with Duchy, sometimes you need glue players to make a line work. Before he was moved with Duchy, Duchy was less effective. The trio of them seem to work well together and have only gotten better as the season progressed, elevating all of them games.
I think he's got a chance at 30 goals someday...he's got a real knack for scoring goals, kind of Luc Robitaille-ish but not to that extreme, obviously.

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